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The Story

“Spirit,” then “Meredith,” my middle name, and I sailed for years in the San Francisco Bay where she also served as a Sausilito liveaboard (in the same slip as the Oyster 53 mentioned) while also cruising between SF and Puerto Vallarta seasonally before being shipped from La Paz to Port Sydney, Canada. After returning through a storm off the Oregon Coast to SF, she was later captained to Panama where I rejoined her. Her transit of the Canal is on YouTube. Next stops included Cartagena, Caymans, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Nassau, Miami, Exumas, Fort Lauderdale, Abacos (3 years,) Fort Lauderdale, Brunswick, GA, St. Augustine, and Stuart. Her initial owners commissioned her in Fort Lauderdale, then sailed to Europe, back to Panama, and on to Sydney where she may have competed in the Sydney Hobart race. She is a fast, comfortable, and powerful go anywhere in the world blue water cruiser. She was the first of seven built, a big brother to the better known Norseman 447 penned by Bob Perry and Gary Grant. She is the only one with the designer-drawn detachable hard dodger. 

While commissioning my Olson 40, “Spellbound,” for offshore cruising, my yacht broker found me. One look at her hard dodger and standing upright in her 6’4” saloon, and I was sold. I have now owned her for 16 years. She has filled me with memories one of which you may read here. Sensibly, my age precludes further passage making. 

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